Lawn & Sprinkler services in Little Elm & Frisco, Texas

Square footage is only the measurement of the grass to be mowed.

Stubborn weeds can put a damper on a beautiful yard!  There are so many variations of weeds, and weed killer that you could spend hundreds of dollars trying to kill your weeds!  Since we have a wide variety of experience dealing with Texas lawns, let us fight your weeds for you!

 We offer a very effective 7-step Fertilization Plan that has proven to work and be effective in these brutal Texas summers!  Not only will it make your grass green and healthy, it will rid your lawn of those stubborn weeds!



We apply the following times per season:

     Late Jan/Early Feb - Pre-emergent treatment to treat those weeds before they sprout!

     March/April/May - Weed treatment to kill those pesky weeds!  

     Mid April - Fertilizer treatment to create a strong foundation to green up your yard!

     Early June - Fertilizer treatment to really green up your yard before the Texas heat hits too hard!

     Mid July - Fertilizer treatment to maintain a green lawn despite the summer heat!

     September- Fertilizer & Pre-Emergent - The last fertilizer treatment of the season to keep your lawn healthy      going  into  the fall season.  Pre-emergent is also applied at this time to guard your yard against weeds that      can sprout over the fall and winter months.

     October - Liquid pre-emergent is sprayed on your lawn to set you up for success in the next season!  Pre-            emergent is the most important defense against weeds in your lawn!


Fertilization & Weed Control

Don't worry about cleaning up the pet waste! Since we are there for a weekly mow, we are more than happy to clean up your pet waste for a very small fee!

Pet Waste Removal

Sprinkler heads leaking?  Having zone issues?  We are a licensed Sprinkler Repair company that can handle all of your sprinkler mishaps!  License # 21800

Irrigation/Sprinkler Repair

Got overgrown bushes and shrubs?  We can come and trim them down for you!  We will also remove all trimmings so you won't have to deal with it! 

Trim Bushes/Shrubs

Flower Bed Cleaning

We will come and clean out those annoying weeds that love to sprout up in your flower bed! 

Weekly mowing is truly the best way to have a beautiful yard.  During the months of April, May, June, July, and August, a Texas yard needs to be mowed weekly.  CHECK OUT our Lawn Maintenance tab for more details on weekly vs bi-weekly mowing!

Each time we visit, we will mow, weed eat, trim, edge, and blow your property to maintain your beautiful lawn!

We also offer bi-weekly service if needed.

Weekly Mowing

Services We Offer You!

*Call for a customized quote for any services. 

Prices will depend on the size of the job and the amount of work needed.