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More Than Just Sprinklers

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Not only do we service and repair damaged sprinkler systems, we also offer other sprinkler services such as expansion, and adjusting your existing sprinkler system to be the most efficient (saving you up to 30% in your lawn watering bill)!

We also offer additional services such as trimming bushes, weeding and installing flower beds, and trimming trees.  Contact us for a custom plan to accomplish your goals for your lawn.

We handle all of your Lawn & Sprinkler needs

Lawn & Sprinkler services in Little Elm & Frisco, Texas

We handle your weekly lawn maintenance needs including mowing, trimming, and edging your lawn so that it is always at it's best potential.

We strongly encourage our customers to allow us to treat their lawn.  We have services that will make your yard look its best!  We fertilize, winterize, and weed & feed your lawn at the appropriate time of year.


TX License #21800

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At Oasis Lawn & Sprinkler, we pride ourselves in caring for your lawn!  With a passion in creating the most efficient watering system for your lawn, we create a custom plan to reduce your water waste. 

A Little More Info About Our Sprinkler Services......

Sprinkler systems are typically installed as a "One Size Fits All" system.  While this is efficient for the builder to buy their sprinkler systems in bulk, it is an extremely inefficient way to water your yard.  The average home is wasting 30% of the water due to the inefficient planning of their sprinkler system.  We'd like to plan an effective way to water your yard while saving water AND saving you money on your water bill!